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Re: Xinetd resurrection

On 09/18/2009 09:31 AM, Jan Zeleny wrote:
Hi all,
I'm current maintainer of xinetd in Fedora. Lately I've been inspecting some
major patches and I was informed that upstream is pretty much dead. I think
this project is interesting and it's worth to try to resurrect it.

My plan is to start project on fedora hosted and basically rebuild the whole
source code, so it is more clean and can be extended/maintained easily if

I suggest you to contact xinetd maintainers in other distros (Debian, Gentoo, SuSE, ...) and try to coordinate the effort. You may get more helping hands and I am pretty sure they have their own patches you might consider to include.

Don't forget to announce the fork on xinetd mailing list. Also, contacting orginal xinetd maintainer if he is willing to contribute, e.g. with xinetd.org domain :).


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