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Re: selinux hasn't been running for over a week

On Thursday 17 September 2009 09:39:48 pm Yuan Yijun wrote:
> > What's happened in our rawhide boot sequence that cause selinux to not be
> > running anymore? Selinux is not disabled in the grub.conf kernel line and
> > sestatus shows its disabled. There is nothing in the system logs saying
> > that there was a problem.
> I encountered this problem as well, but don't know why. It happens
> when I am trying different kernels among some recent builds (starting
> from 0.104 to 1.14). I guess there is a incompatible between older
> kernels and the policy; when you install a kernel while SELinux is
> disabled, it may cause future problems. Do you expect SELinux to be
> enabled automatically?

Yes I do. I have not disabled selinux in any of the configuration.

> I usually enable SELinux by doing a relabel, then install the kernel again.

relabeling is totally different than the system not having it enabled at all 
when its supposed to.


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