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Extension to JWHOIS for rate limiting requests to specific servers

I want to add a rate-limiting feature to jwhois so that if we try to
issue a request to a whois provider that exceeds their query rate it
will get rejected with a suitable message.

I have a scheme to do this that uses memcached to hold the rate
counters, so this can be done network wide where multiple hosts are
querying out of one IP address.

Before cutting the code I would like to get in touch with the upstream
developer(s). I have looked at the JWHOIS web page and there is a
bug-jwhois address but not other contact details. Does anybody have any
upstream contact I should use.

Also, does anybody know of anyone who has done this elsewhere and if the
code is available already. I do not like reinventing the wheel as the
patent has already been taken.

Howard Wilkinson <howard cohtech com>
Coherent Technology Limited

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