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dnssec-conf problem

Dnssec was introduced as a default in Fedora 11 and continues in Fedora 12.  
The dnssec-conf package was introduced to modify/configure /etc/named.conf for 
the dnssec support.  Unfortunately, dnssec-conf (specifically /usr/sbin/dnssec-
configure has a significant problem.  The problem is documented in bugzilla 


I have closed 510290 and 523973 as dups of 505754.

Report 505754 has a comment by paul xelerance com dated 2009-06-25 that the 
bug has been found and that the fix in is dnssec-conf 1.22 which will be posted 
"today" (2008-06-25).  Since that time ... nothing ... including and 
especially no 1.22.

I am not sure what happened to Paul (accident? fired? three month vacation? ??) 
but there appears to be no active author/creator/maintainer since late June or 
since about three months ago.

I noticed that there is a current thread about package maintainers and 
responsiveness ... I believe those comments apply here.

I understand that the forthcoming RHEL 6 will be based on Fedora 11 and, as 
such, I expect that dnssec-conf will be included.  Therefore, this possible 
maintainer problem and the associated needed bugfix needs to be addressed.

Until the bugfix is implemented, I suggest that some user documentation be 
added to advise users how to work around the problem.  The work-arounds I have 
found are:

1.  Make such that "options" is immediately followed by a right brace ("{") 
and the same physical line or the options statement will not recognized .

2.  Make sure that the options statement termination ("};") is on its own 
physical line.

3.  For options sub-statements/items which themselves include a list, make 
sure that the closing right brace "}") is not on a separate physical line but 
it after the last item in the list.  Sub-statements/options-items which 
themselves have a list as an operand can occur over multiple physical lines if 
this is done.

4.  Be sure that and dnssec-<whatever> sub-statements/options-items are on 
separate physical lines or or named.conf will be butchered.

Another possible work around may be to remove the dnssec-conf package (I have 
not tried this so I am not sure).


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