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Re: dnssec-conf problem

On Sat, 19 Sep 2009, Gene Czarcinski wrote:


I have closed 510290 and 523973 as dups of 505754.

Report 505754 has a comment by paul xelerance com dated 2009-06-25 that the
bug has been found and that the fix in is dnssec-conf 1.22 which will be posted
"today" (2008-06-25).  Since that time ... nothing ... including and
especially no 1.22.

Sorry. I was stuck on a pyparsing bug that prevented me from getting
this working before, and it kind of escaped my attention.

I am not sure what happened to Paul (accident? fired? three month vacation? ??)
but there appears to be no active author/creator/maintainer since late June or
since about three months ago.

I've been active with Fedora, just not on this issue. And certainly not
misisng as a single email or popping on #fedora-devel would have shown you.

Another possible work around may be to remove the dnssec-conf package (I have
not tried this so I am not sure).

Or setting /etc/sysconfig/dnssec's DNSSEC to false.

If there is anyone with pyparsing experience around to help my solve a bug preventing
me to releasea new dnssec-configure based on pyparsing, please drop me a line.


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