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Re: default fonts in Fedora

> I wrote:
>> (The foundry which makes the Droid fonts sells a "Pro" version with
>> higher
>> glyph coverage, which we obviously cannot ship for both licensing and
>> royalty reasons.)
> That actually seems not to be true, I checked their site and they say the
> Pro version only has more "typographical features", not more coverage.
> (This
> may have changed recently, or I might just have remembered incorrectly.)
> That said, how does glyph coverage compare to DejaVu's? DejaVu has a table
> of its coverage:
> http://dejavu.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/dejavu/trunk/dejavu-
> fonts/unicover.txt

Droid does not have the whole style set DejaVu has (not even the complete
normal/bold/italic/bold-italic) and only has more glyphs because it
includes a huge CJK fallback font of medium quality (which BTW the
Japanese seem not to like). For european scripts, its coverage is well
below dejavu


But that does not matter since a desktop comps group is not the place
where we define default fonts, and I'm not going to let people play with
fire and increase the Droid font priority in my package.

Nicolas Mailhot

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