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a home for comps @books group

So I start a rawhide install and decide to browse (customize)
the package groups...

I see an uncategorized group standing out - turns out to be
a new @books group which currently contains 3 devel books...

Then I remember fedora-security-guide-en_US (which doesn't
really fit with the devel books).

But there is the string/translation freeze so I hesitate
to add a new Documentation category for F12...
(maybe/probably we should for F13?).

It seems most of the fedora-docs are published on the web
so fedora-security-guide-en_US seems a bit lonely
(probably also since current fedora publican still doesn't
support the right package naming-scheme for fedora [1]).

Anyway for F12 the options for @books seem to be:

a) add @books to the Development category,
(fits the 3 current opensource devel books there)
b) add to Base category - less obvious IMHO; or
c) break the string freeze and add a Documentation
or a Content category?

Or anyone have a better way?

Probably more thought is needed on groups later:
ie it might be better to have separate groups for
devel and sysadmin type books later when more
are packaged.  But that shouldn't be a problem
once they have their own category, or devel-books
could be in Development, etc.  A "Content"
category would also allow other kinds of free content
than just books and documentation.


[1] publican-1.0 should be able to create
unversioned package names

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