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Re: default fonts in Fedora

----- "Daniel Mach" <dmach redhat com> wrote:
> I've manually installed KDE desktop (yum install <pkg> ..., i.e.
> without anaconda) and found that no fonts were installed.

Did you do a minimal install?  Just wonder how you managed
to avoid the @fonts group.

> It looks like no common desktop package requires any fonts.
> First package I installed which actually had such requirement was 
> openoffice-core.

Actually I would prefer if openoffice didn't specify fonts
since it is hard to maintain.

yum install @fonts should give you a reasonable
selection of fonts for your system.

> Would it make sense to make one font default in Fedora and install it
> as a dependency of xorg-x11-server-common or similar package
> which appears on each desktop?

Probably wouldn't be unreasonable to pull in dejavu,
*BUT* some users might want a different font and not
dejavu... so better to avoid that IMHO.


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