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Re: default fonts in Fedora

> On Sun, 2009-09-20 at 20:08 +0200, nicolas mailhot laposte net wrote:
>> Because they're not the default, the defaults are defined in the @fonts
>> group, this is an experiment by the desktop team, without any
>> concertation, or understanding on how we managed fonts so far.
> Given that fact that merely including a font in a spin has the potential
> to break the Japanese desktop, there seem to be some things amiss with
> 'how we managed fonts so far', I'd say.

One part of 'how we managed fonts so far' was to triple-check anything
CJK-related and get it approved by the i18n team because fontconfig sucks
in this case. This problem has been well known for several years, but
fontconfig's previous maintainer did not put a high priority on it.

Finding a solution for this case is on the huge TODO list Behdad published
this summer.

Nicolas Mailhot

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