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Emacs package for Fedora 12

It's a bit of a shot in the dark but I see that Emacs 23.1 will be included
in Fedora 12 and I wondered if the changes currently on the 23.1 release
branch (EMACS_23_1_RC) at savannah.gnu.org could be included.

These changes are quite small, and mainly mine, as the next Emacs release is
being planned from the trunk.  They relate to the GDB Graphical Interface and
are described in more detail with a screenshot at:


Basically there are two features of interest

1) Display of STL containers as watch expressions.

2) Reverse debugging.

Both these features require the soon-to-be-released GDB 7.0, which I presume
will also be included in Fedora 12.

Display of STL containers relates to Red Hat's Archer Project and, in
particular, use of Python scripting in GDB.  Tom Tromey has told me that
pretty-printers are already included as part of the libstdc++ package in
Fedora 11.

Anthony Green, another Red Hat engineer, has expressed interest in reverse
debugging in Emacs.

I think it would be cool to see these features in Fedora 12.

Nick Roberts

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