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Re: Anaconda multiple Ethernet cards question

On 21/09/09 23:42, John Reiser wrote:
Print the low 24 bits as 6 hex digits (possibly with no punctuation),
and chop the description string after 22 characters (for example.)

Why not use the DMI External Connector Designator. That's what
the manufacturer provides to identify external ports after all.
Some examples for kit I have to hand:

  eth0 00:16:CB:xx:xx:3D Ethernet

MacBook Pro
  eth0 00:17:F2:xx:xx:2E RJ-45

Acer Altos R300 (no external connector designation)
  eth0 00:00:E2:xx:xx:FE
  eth1 00:00:E2:xx:xx:FF

Acer Altos R510
  eth0 00:0E:0C:xx:xx:CF NIC2/2
  eth1 00:0E:0C:xx:xx:CE NIC1/2

IBM xSeries 343
  eth0 00:0E:0C:xx:xx:D9 NIC2/2
  eth1 00:0E:0C:xx:xx:D8 NIC1/2

The results aren't too bad, especially for those last two
Intel motherboards where the ethN and physical port orders
are reversed.

Glen Turner  <http://www.gdt.id.au/~gdt/>

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