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Re: yum-presto not on by default

On Fri, 25 Sep 2009, Adam Williamson wrote:

um, my point was that normally in this kind of case - you've come up
with a neat little improvement - you look at it the other way round: not
how horrible will it be if you don't enable the improvement by default
(the answer to which is almost always 'not very', because such a case
just equates to the existing situation - so it's more or less a
meaningless question); you look at how bad things could possibly get if
you _do_ enable it by default.

which is why I said, again, I don't really care if it is enabled or not. :)

and since it seems like it has been added to the desktop installs, then this is all a moot point.

My only reason for arguing has been that our users are not stupid, we don't TARGET new users anyway

so there's no point in acting like they're new users.


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