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attempt to create deltaisos for 12 Alpha -> 12 Beta TC

I downloaded the i386 DVD image for 12 Beta TC (it doesn't matter where
from, it'll probably be announced on Monday) and tried to create the
deltaiso from 12 Alpha to 12 Beta TC.  I discovered the following:

1) In order to get decent compression (about 20-25% of full size), it's
necessary to run makedeltaiso in Rawhide.  The F11 version works, but
the resulting diso is about 75% of full size.  After doing this, it's
also necessary to run applydeltaiso in Rawhide to use it.  Eventually
the Rawhide versions of deltarpm/deltaiso should be ported to F10/F11 -
after fixing the current issues in Rawhide, of course.

(The disos I created for 12 Alpha TC -> RC1 -> RC2 were built on F11.
They probably would have been even smaller if made on Rawhide.)

2) applydeltaiso eventually fails with the error "md5sum mismatch, iso
is corrupt".  The resulting ISO is close to but not exactly the right
size.  This is probably due to the XZ endianness issue.  So I won't be
making deltaisos available this time, and probably not until the current
issues are straightened out.  Sorry.

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