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Re: Real mail addresses in list postings and resulting **SPAM**

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 7:52 PM, Christoph Frieben <christoph frieben googlemail com> wrote:
Does anybody have a good idea how to avoid the appearance of real mail addresses in the body of postings to fedora-devel/test-list when people reply to an earlier message? Could additional technical measures be taken to remove or alter them such that they cannot be harvested by third parties?

A technical solution could be for the mailing list to eat the email and at the bottom include a link to an image (or a captcha protected page) which would contain the persons email address for off-list contact.

But it's worth adding, that I have a dedicated email account that has been used for mailing lists over the last couple of years. In total it has been hit by perhaps 2 or 3 spam messages (which makes me believe that they were randomly guessed rouge spam rather than something harvested). So perhaps I'm lucky, but it doesn't currently seem like a problem.

If you're concerned, create a different email account. It's hard to keep your email address private on a public list =)

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