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Re: Thunderbird 3.0pre?

On 09/27/2009 10:13 AM, mike cloaked wrote:
Well someone I know has had dreadful problems with the x64 version of
b4 build for F11 from updates-testing - with huge memory usage and
never completed the re-indexing process - in the end it hung the
machine completely. He took 3.0pre from the mozilla download site and
it ran fine.

I am told that the x64 code is not clean, and wondered if for x64
users with large numbers of accounts and large amounts of mail stored
that maybe the 3.0pre code may actually work where it did not work for
3.0b4 in the x64 case?

I have just moved from b2 to b4 as b2 gave me signficant problems with
starttls connections to a dovecot imap server but my case was i386.

1) x64 is Microsoft's marketing term. Why are you using it?

2) I run F11 x86_64 on two Core 2 machines. TB 3.0b4 on both. Dovecot IMAP with STARTTLS enabled. No problems whatsoever. Indexing on folders with thousands of e-mails worked fine. I've gone from b2, b3, and b4 without any problems. I've only seen the nice bug fixes and new features come up. I doubt the validity of the claim that your bugs are "64-bit only" issues.

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