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Re: Thunderbird 3.0pre?

On 09/27/2009 10:15 AM, Mail Lists wrote:
   I do know that the 64 bit fedora beta 4 (there is no 64 bit
mozilla.org as, last I read a while ago, they are not comfortable the
code is 64 bit clean) had terrible problems from beta 4 (tho beta 3  was

   I switched to 32 bit mozilla.org 3.0pre (on x64 install of f11) and
the problems went away.

   The beta 4 (from updates-testing) started the indexing thing - and
then it took 100% cpu and memory growth went to 3.5 GiB - after a period
memory use fell to 200 MiB, cpu declined .. then it repeated this cycle
several times .. i left this for 6 hours - eventually tb locked up and
left a dirty screen image - stuck - cpu usage went to 0 for TB. I had to
hand kill it.

   Installing the stock mozilla 386 build has no such problems.

   I suspect there is some 64 very unclean code underlying the problem.
Tho it could be beta 4 versus pre as well

Gee. Here I am messaging you on TB 3.0b4 on a x86_64 machine with TB 3.0b4 x86_64 from updates-testing. Your message was in a folder with 1367 other email messages. Indexing worked fine. I don't see any spikes in CPU or memory usage. No other bugs in b4 at the moment. It's the best version yet.

You might want to delete your .thunderbird directory and try again.

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