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Re: status of forked zlibs in rsync and zsync

Le Mar 29 septembre 2009 10:54, Josephine Tannhäuser a écrit :
> 2009/9/29 Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>
>> Are we removing rsync from the distribution? I hope not.
> What is your argumentation for keeping rsync, even it doesn't meet the
> fedora guidelines?
> What is with the other packages which doesn't meet the guidelines?
> I believe there are no consequences for packages they are already in. no
> one cares. zsync seems to bean an exception!

Of course we care about existing packages; no packager should consider his
work is done once the package is in.

However, rsync is a widely-used package, it can't be yanked that easily.

Generally speaking removing a package is the WMD option and it's very sad
when a packager forces releng to use this stick.

Nicolas Mailhot

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