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Re: bitmap-fonts by default?

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 11:29 PM, Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com> wrote:
> We have been looking at updating bitmap-fonts recently,
> and noticed that it is still listed mandatory in the comps
> @base-x group.
> So I just wondered a couple of naive questions:
> - does bitmap-fonts have to be installed by default?
> - what actually needs it?
> Jens

XEmacs needs it.  We have an explicit reference to a LucidaTypewriter font.

We started to transition to fontconfig 2004-ish.  Unfortunately, the
developers who started that effort have since mostly disappeared.  If
there are any competent fontconfig developers who could give us a hand
completing the transition, please stop by xemacs-beta xemacs org and
say hello.  I will personally send a box of home-made oatmeal raisin
cookies [1] to anyone who can help us finish the job.

[1] I can make no guarantees about the state of crumbliness on
arrival, of course.
Jerry James

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