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Re: Thunderbird 3.0pre?

On 09/27/2009 08:15 AM, Mail Lists wrote:
On 09/27/2009 11:02 AM, drago01 wrote:
On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 5:00 PM, mike cloaked<mike cloaked gmail com>  wrote:
Is there any chance there will be a build of Thunderbird 3.0PRE in
Koji soon? It would be nice to see a build for F11 and F12 as I
believe there are significant fixes compared to 3.0beta 4 in the
3.0pre build.


   I do know that the 64 bit fedora beta 4 (there is no 64 bit
mozilla.org as, last I read a while ago, they are not comfortable the
code is 64 bit clean) had terrible problems from beta 4 (tho beta 3  was

   I switched to 32 bit mozilla.org 3.0pre (on x64 install of f11) and
the problems went away.

   The beta 4 (from updates-testing) started the indexing thing - and
then it took 100% cpu and memory growth went to 3.5 GiB - after a period
memory use fell to 200 MiB, cpu declined .. then it repeated this cycle
several times .. i left this for 6 hours - eventually tb locked up and
left a dirty screen image - stuck - cpu usage went to 0 for TB. I had to
hand kill it.

   Installing the stock mozilla 386 build has no such problems.

   I suspect there is some 64 very unclean code underlying the problem.
Tho it could be beta 4 versus pre as well.

Tweaking the following pref: mailnews.database.global.indexer.enabled = false

Should work around the problem for now.

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