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Re: [Sugar-devel] sugar-pippy dependencies

El Tue, 29-09-2009 a las 12:36 +0000, Aleksey Lim escribió:
> pygame and numpy are parts of Sugar Platform[1], at least for 0.84,
> so, the right question is should these pakcages be a part of SP-0.86
> I guess +1 for both, since we have honey activities that are depend on
> these packages.

In Sugar shell 0.82, the only thing that numpy was providing was a bit
matrix.  In 0.82, we replaced it with faster and lighter C code in
sugar-base, and it was a big performance win.

I suspect the #1 usecase for numpy is to compensate for lack of good
array support in Python.


1) are there lighter-weight alternatives for the most popular uses of

1) how many of the existing activities actually depend on numpy?

2) would it be hard to remove this dependency from them?

3) Should we define a policy for deprecating components of the Sugar
Platform in new revisions?  All evolving standards need to find a
balance between new features with old feature removal to avoid unbounded

4) Even if numpy is going to stay around for the Sugar Platform, could
we remove it from Pippy and other core activities to save resources and
allow shipping lighter weight live distros?

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