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Re: [Sugar-devel] sugar-pippy dependencies

El Tue, 29-09-2009 a las 16:25 -0400, Benjamin M. Schwartz escribió:
> Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> > 1) are there lighter-weight alternatives for the most popular uses of
> > numpy?
> No.  It has no competition, and is used by virtually every program that
> uses python and performs array manipulation.  I think it would probably be
> part of the python standard library except for political issues (now
> mostly resolved).

It's not used as much as you think:

1!bernie giskard:~$ LANG=C rpm -e numpy
error: Failed dependencies:
	numpy is needed by (installed) pygame-1.8.1-7.fc12.x86_64
bernie giskard:~$ rpm -qa | grep python | wc -l

It's also one of the worst startup time offenders I've ever seen in
Python: with hot caches, it takes 300ms on a fast computer (~2 seconds
on an XO).  A lot longer if you have to actually fetch it from disk
along with its unique dependencies.

> > 2) would it be hard to remove this dependency from them?
> Yes.  Numpy provides high-speed math for python.

high-speed *advanced* math functions.

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