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Re: Buyer Beware: A Major Change in NFS is about to happen

On 09/29/2009 07:52 PM, Mike McGrath wrote:
>> By no means did I interpret that at all... but here lies the
>> problem... I had no idea I would  have to convenience *anybody*
>> of *anything* because I thought I made the dead line... again all
>> following was the schedule in:
>>         http://www.linux-archive.org/fedora-development/372823-all-features-need-100-beta-freeze-2009-09-29-a.html
>> And Today I am %100 finished... Please point out which part of that
>> did I misinterpret, because the last thing I want to do is cause problems...
> Because we do seem to fight this problem every release.  Was anyone else
> confused about when the deadline was?  It seems very clear to me, on
> several occasions, when features needed to be in by.
What dead line did I miss?? The deadline in above email said to be %100 
by today... I am %100 done today... Believe I wish I was %100 percent done
two weeks ago... Life would have much easier... 

> What more could we have done to make this more clear?  I understand what
> that one email says, but there's several others that clarify.
This is by far the best question asked so far... I have thought about
this since I've gotten this (very unexpected) reaction... 

Please, if you don't mind, which emails are you referring to, because I
really want to know what I missed and how I missed... 


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