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Re: Buyer Beware: A Major Change in NFS is about to happen

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Steve Dickson <SteveD redhat com> wrote:
>> My main concern is with installer, installing from NFS shares from older
>> servers, say RHEL5.  How will anaconda handle mounting?  Will there be
>> odd errors that are difficult to figure out?  Has this been tested in
>> the anaconda environment at all?
> This issue is this... when the the F12 does a mount to a linux server
> and that linux server is *not* configured with a  "/ *(ro,fsid=0)"
> export, the mount will fail with ENOENT (or No such file or directory).
> If the server does have that export, things will work as expected...
> So my advice is to added that one line to your rhel5 server and every
> thing should as expected... or may even better... ;-) Another workaround
> is to added the '-o v3' mount options... would that be hard?

Why not just see the error and fall back and try v3 programatically
rather than forcing that upon unsuspecting users?  If someone
explicitly specifies v4, then sure, if that fails, it should fail.
But if they don't, we should be forgiving in what we do rather than
giving cryptic error messages.

> How will anaconda handle mounting? I don't know since I believe anaconda
> has its own mounting code so it does its own thing... and in the end
> that will mostly likely work, since that code didn't change...

anaconda hasn't been using its own mounting code for several releases
now.  The change to force v3 could be done, but that then makes things
different from the real system which is something that's been trying
to be avoided.

- Jeremy

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