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Re: [KDE] Which Phonon? Phonon backend - GStreamer or Xine?

On Wed, 30.09.09 15:41, Thomas Janssen (thomasj fedoraproject org) wrote:

> > Haha. So the major 'advantage' of Phonon that it would allow replacing
> > the backends as time progresses without breaking the KDE apps using
> > them now officially is proven to be bogus. The KDE/Qt folks were so
> > afraid of a media engine breaking API so that they created their
> > abstraction thing and now break API of that one more often then the
> > media engines themselves do.
> >
> > Do I hear an "I told you so!"?
> >
> > Abstractionitis is an illness, not a remedy.
> People who live in a glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Are you suggesting PA was an abstraction layer?

Maybe it can act as one, but that is only a side effect, not its only
purpose. Unlike for example Phonon.

An abstraction layer's main purpose it to abstract differences of what
is below, and as hence usually is a least common denominator of what is
below, but certainly nothing that adds features. PA OTOH extends what
is below, it adds features.

But heck, this discussion is pretty academic and off-topic. Let's end
this here.


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lennart [at] poettering [dot] net
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