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Re: [KDE] Which Phonon? Phonon backend - GStreamer or Xine?

On Wednesday 30 September 2009 19:32:02 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Lennart Poettering wrote:
> > An abstraction layer's main purpose it to abstract differences of what
> > is below, and as hence usually is a least common denominator of what is
> > below, but certainly nothing that adds features. PA OTOH extends what
> > is below, it adds features.
> Phonon also adds features compared to the underlying GStreamer or xine-lib
> library. In particular, it can be set up to send different types of sounds
> to different outputs, kinda like PulseAudio (but it's implemented at a
> different layer, and of course it only affects applications using Phonon).
> There's also work ongoing (that branch by Colin Guthrie) on making
> PulseAudio sinks show up as Phonon devices, and even reproducing the per-
> sound-type preferences set in PulseAudio (so Phonon still matches them by
> default, while showing the list of devices within Phonon as opposed to one
> "PulseAudio" device). There too, this is a feature not offered by GStreamer
> or xine-lib, but implemented by calling PulseAudio directly. See
> http://colin.guthr.ie/git/phonon/log/?h=pulse for this work.

This was what I thought but I was unable to write it clearly :D


>         Kevin Kofler

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