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Re: Software Update in firefox provided by FC3

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Mi, den 08.12.2004 schrieb Gustavo Seabra um 20:07:

This issue is in bugzilla, here:

I visited this buzilla and saw they have a patch there. How do I apply it?

Get the patch file by downloading it i.e. to /var/tmp. Please keep in
mind that it is a suggestion and still discussed in the bugzilla ticket.
It would be good if you copy yourself the firefox.js before processing
to a safe place, to be able to put it back at it's right place.

Ok, when the patch file - which is in valid diff format - is on your
local drive, you can run:

cd `locate firefox.js | sed -e 's/firefox.js//'`

     [to be in the directory where the firefox.js file is]

Now apply the patch - lets say you saved it as firefox.js.patch - with:

patch -p1 < /var/tmp/firefox.js.patch

To see whether it might give problems you can run patch first in
"simulation mode":

patch -p1 --dry-run < /vat/tmp/firefox.js.patch

This will show you whether there are mismatches or whether all will go
ok. If last, then leave away the "--dry-run" switch. Now the changes are
applied. I would suggest you shut down firefox before you apply the
patch and start it again afterwards.


Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions. However, for some reason, the directory structure in my computer is quite different than the one used in the patch, and the patch command just can't find the files to patch. For example, the patch tries tu update two files:


In my system, I could find firefox.js in

and the second file just doesn't seem to exist at all.


Gustavo Seabra - Graduate Student
Chemistry Department
Kansas State University

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