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Re: still struggling with ndiswrapper

> did you check "ndiswrapper -l" again? show that the
> driver is loaded and all?

Yes, ndiswrapper -l shows:
[root laptop ~]# ndiswrapper -l
Installed ndis drivers:
bcmwl5          driver present, hardware present

> then did you try "dhclient wlan0"? then check iwconfig
> to see if you got connected? or try "iwlist wlan0
> scan" to find out whether it sees any networks?

Yes, the scan shows that it sees 4 wireless networks, including mine.

> is your access point broadcasting the essid? have MAC
> filtering on?

Yes, it is broadcasting the essid. 
I do have MAC filtering on, but my wireless cards MAC address is in the
list to allow. I guess I could shut it off to rule it out. Same thing
with MAC filtering off. Never see a connection on the router.  

> ..just covering the basics.
> i've have some goofy results sometimes with iwconfig
> and had to do this on a few occasions:
> command "dhclient -r wlan0"
> using network applet, Deactivate wlan0
> using network applet, Activate wlan0

I'll give this a look. I really don't want to use DHCP though. It's
turned off on my wireless router and is provided by another box on the
network. Should still work, but I get DHCP discover failures on my
wireless router, so that could be another obstacle. I do have another
machine running Windows XP connected with wireless, so I know it is
functioning. That machine also has a static address assigned. 


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