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Re: ASUS MoBo support for NVidia chipsets in FC

On 4/11/06, Dan <grinnz gmail com> wrote:
James Wilkinson wrote:
> Deboo ^ wrote:
>>      Wanted to know if the ASUS A8N-SLI MoBo supports 64 bit FC4/5 linux? If
>> someone is usingthis under FC 64bit, please let me know.
> I do. No problems for the parts I use (I don't actually have two PCIe
> graphics cards, and I've yet to upgrade to a SATA hard drive). I think I
> upgraded during the FC3 timescale.
> ... except I initially tried running it with a PCI (not express) Radeon
> 9250. But that card seemed to be trouble all around.
> One thing that might surprise you is that at least with the right
> setting in the BIOS, Cool-n-Quiet / cpufreq works with no further
> configuration required. You'll run at 1 GHz (with lower electrical power
> requirements) when you don't need the CPU power. As soon as you start
> something CPU-intensive, the CPU will go back to full speed.
> I've known the CPU fan turn itself off in cold weather, because the
> system wasn't producing enough heat for it to be needed. As soon as I
> started something processor-intensive, it would start up again.
> I'm pleased with it.
> James.
My Athlon 64's cool'n'quiet also worked "out of the box" like this.
Again, probably more to do with the CPU/OS interaction than the
motherboard. It is very nice, though; even Windows can't do that out of
the box, you have to install a processor "driver".

Thanks for the responses. The  board worked oput of the box, even without any reinstall of the  OS.  Everything works fine. Thanks again.


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