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Re: Mozilla Suite vs. Firefox

Ed Greshko wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:

I did use firefox where I did not want the links to be imported into the
 mozilla bookmarks for special purpose. I recently removed firefox
because of chkrootkit pegging some files as possible problems.

Hey, you just came up with a great idea for Microsoft!  They should
develop a root kit checker that marks innocent files as possible
problems.  That way, folks will get scared/paranoid and remove the
applications without learning the meaning of the words "false positive". :-)

The pegged file by chkrotkit was still present on my system even after firefox was removed from the system. I had to remove the file manually after erasing FireFox.

Windows already tried that tactic by labeling Linux as a virus. But the tactic was not successful. Linux would not propagate within the Windows environment as those familiar with viruses on Windows have experienced.

I will most likely reinstall Firefox and run chkrootkit to see if it installs the same file that was pegged the first run through chkrootkit.


In a display of perverse brilliance, Carl the repairman mistakes a room
humidifier for a mid-range computer but manages to tie it into the network
		-- The 5th Wave

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