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Re: Floppy format question.

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 11:11:31PM +0800, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi Aaron,
> Sorry I left out the command in my previous posting.
> $ fdformat /dev/fd0

try (as root, generally):

fdformat /dev/fd0<dev>

where <dev> indicates the capacity of device you want. E.g for a 1.44
MB floppy, /dev/fd0u1440

The rationale is that your generic device may be set to some
different, higher capacity, hence geometry. In that case, of course
the verification will fail.

And remember that after you format the floppy, you must then lay down
a file system.

mkX /dev/fd0u1440

where X is the file system you want, e2fs, dosfs, etc.


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