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FC5 xorg and dual head


I did a clean installed of FC5 on my laptop.

Under FC4 I can run dual head (meaning that I use the laptops LCD
display plus a second external LCD monitor showing different desktops at
the same time) just fine.

Under FC5, this is broken. If I select "Individual desktops", the
external monitor just says 'No signal' and after a while, goes to sleep.

I asked this a few weeks ago, when I first installed FC5 (upgraded from
FC4) and I have since then installed SuSE 10, then FC4 and then FC5
again. I don't want to run FC4 since I don't seem to get Firefox 1.5.x.x
and Thunderbird 1.5.x.x to install (it wants to install later versions
of stuff that I need for other things and fails badly). The answer I got
back then was "Yeah, it's broken, check for updates frequently." I
appreciate the answer, don't get me wrong - at least I know I'm not
going nuts - others also have this issue. But I was sort of thinking
that this should be not to difficult to fix for somebody with the right
experience. Or am I expecting too much?



Chris Ruprecht
Senior Consultant
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Norcross, GA 30071
770.449.9696 Ext. 3033 * 770.449.9003 (Fax)
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