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mplayer problems

A day or so back i hit a web site that needed mplayer, which went thru the motions of downloading the file, but when it tried to play it, stopped immediately, several times.

Today I thought I'd see if yumex could help and told it to install a few more skins and other mplayer accessories.

It starts process the queue, and fails because it can't find mplayer, but if I goto the removal screen, mplayer shows as installed and I can't uninstall it because of all the other dependencies.

rpm says this version is installed:
[root diablo ~]# rpm -q mplayer
but yumex reports this
Missing Dependency: mplayer = 1.0-0.39.20060412.lvn5 is needed by package mplayer-gui
So obviously thats a livna item, but its not shown as being available.

Which magic twanger do I need folks?

Cheers, Gene

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