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Re: FC5 xorg and dual head

Hello guys,

Some clarification:
I am using FC5 from the FC5 CDs. All updates happen through yum from the
standard repos plus freshrpms. I have not enabled dag and livna since
they don't support FC5 yet, as it seems.

Yes, I have read the release notes (back when I moved from RedHat 8/9 to
FC1) and yes, I do understand the bleeding edge stuff - I have been
using UNIX in one or other form since 1984 and I know all about that
edge for decades, I'm not new to this.

What I was hoping for was a faster turn around time - that's why we use
Linux after all, isn't it? The issue now isn't that I don't get FF and
TB to work - no, they work just fine - the issue now is that the dual
head thing isn't working.

Hardware: IBM ThinkPad T41, ATI Mobility 7500 (aka ATI Technologies Inc
Radeon Mobility M7 LW).

Best regards,

Chris Jones wrote:
>>     The failure in FC4 is that they didn't install libstdc++.so.5 which
>> is required for Thunderbird and Firefox. I found you can yum install
>> that lib and both will work fine on FC4. They got it right on FC5.
> There is no failure on FC's part.
> FC is a bleeding edge distro. This has ALWAYS been stated and if you are 
> unaware of this, you should have read the release notes. 
> FC5 uses by default a NEWER version of  libstdc++.  If you install (through 
> the correct update/installation channels, i.e. yum/pup/pirut) some 
> application (such as thunderbird/firefox) which requires an older version of  
> libstdc++, then yum/pup/pirut will(or perhaps should) resolve the 
> dependencies for you and install the older compat libraries that are need.
> If, as I suspect in your case, you disregard the release notes and install 
> things differently (such as using mozilla's own installation tools or you 
> wish to install a package for which there is no rpm and you are forced to 
> build from source), then you have to resolve these dependencies yourself. 
> This is obvious and you cannot complain. If you fail to do so the fault is 
> yours not FC's
> Chris 


Chris Ruprecht
Senior Consultant
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770.449.9696 Ext. 3033 * 770.449.9003 (Fax)
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