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Re: FC5 xorg and dual head

> I guess that depends on your expectations.  Sun claims
> to run binaries from Solaris 8 on Solaris 10.  Are they
> using black magic or just doing things right?

It comes down to policy as well, not just expectations :) Solaris is developed 
as a "stable" platform - I don't use SUN so don't know the details, but I 
presume somewhere in their small print they must state they policy w.r.t. to 
backwards compatibility etc.

FC is (IMHO) completely different. It is a community platform, which aims to 
be at the development edge. Consequently, whilst backwards compatibility is 
maintained as much as it can be sometimes things break. Also, given the 6-8 
month or so turn around in releases, FC5 is going to be "legacy" in 12-18 
months, at which point support starts to dwindle.

If you need a rock solid production platform, with long term support, don't 
use FC but look say RedHat EL. 


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