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Re: Best way to play recording in Fedora

WGregory wrote:
> I want to be able to play an audio sound or recording (preferably a
> voice recording I have created) from a file on my Fedora server to a
> speaker that is connected to the system.  The purpose is to alert the
> night crew when there is a problem.  
> I am running Fedora 5 on my test system.  I inserted a music CD on the
> Fedora 5 system.  It began playing the CD using Totem 1.3.92.  However,
> I cannot access files on the CD.  Mount shows "automount."   There is
> nothing in the /mnt or /media directories.
> What is the best way to create an audio file on Fedora and play it using
> either (1) a C program (preferably), or (2) the shell command line?
> What is the best program and associated file type to accomplish this
> under Fedora?
I see two different problems to be covered here. The first is that
standard music CDs do not have a file system, so they can not be
mounted. If you want to copy the music off a CD, you have to use one
of the CD "ripping" programs. You also have a choice of formats that
you can save the music in.

You also have a lot of choices when it comes to playing sound files.
What program works best depends on the format the sound file is in.
For .mp3 files, mpg123 and mpg321 are both good command line
programs that will play a file. For other formats, the sox package
works well. It has front ends that let you play and record sound
files in many formats. It will also convert between formats.

For you application, you will probably want to use the .wav file
format. You can play it using "play something.wav".


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