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Re: What use are these (rpm) entries in 'man'?

On 11/2/07, Chris G <cl isbd net> wrote:
> "python-docutils" isn't anything really, certainly not a command.
> Entering "yum info python-docutils" does produce some output but it
> relates more to packaging and installation than to the utilities
> provided.

python-docutils is a packagename. Once you know its a packagename,
then depending on what information you want about the installed
packagename you may or may not want to query the repository data via
yum. You may want to make very specific queries to the local rpmdb and
if so you will most likely want to use the rpm command.

For example...
Since man -k docutils returned a hit for the rpm packagename
python-docutils, it means that python-docutils is installed. You can
use the cmdline rpm command to look at the installed files associated
with that installed packagename. rpm -ql python-docutils.

If i wanted to be even more narrow about it and just look for
installed commands I'd naively run rpm -ql python-docutils|grep "/bin"
 to generate a list of files with "/bin" in the full pathname.

FYI, yum does not by default give you access to the full set of
information that can be obtained about installed packages that the rpm
cmdline program does.  repoquery in the yum-utils package can a larger
subset of information queries..against repositories if you need
detailed information about packages not yet installed.


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