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Re: Fedora on DELL/HP laptops

Jacob Jansen wrote:
: I'm considering buying a new laptop, which should be setup as a dual-boot
: machine. 
: Does anyone has experiences with any of the following models running Fedora?
: All have CoreDuo chips and should be using the Nvidia-driver from livna
: Dell precision M90

I run FC6 on an M70 with the 1920x1200 display without any problems. I
see no reason why F7 wouldn't run on it.  I chose the M70 (3 years
ago) because it had Nvidia video technology in it.  I suppose, from
your remarks, that the M90 does too.  I run the Closed source nvidia
driver and it works flawlessly.  One caveat: I needed to use the
TwinView features of the driver to use the laptop with a digital
projector. I never got the usual "CRT/LCD" button to work.  But with
Twinview, using a digital projector works well.

When I first installed Linux on it 3 years ago neither Hibernate nor
Suspend worked.  The video driver and/or some other
hardware would always lock up on Resume.  Suspend (to ram) is still a
problem, by pm-hibernate works fine and with modern BIOS and kernels,
is fast enough that I don't feel it like I used to with my circa 2000
Dell Inspiron which took 2-3 minutes to hibernate.

_That_ would be my one concern with the M90.  Hibernate/Suspend is
such a tricky hardware-dependent business that I can't make
predictions here.  If it's important (as it is to me) find out for
sure before you buy.  I didn't---and I suffered for a year!


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