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Re: Keyspan 4 port USB->Serial

Matt Singer (mrsinger) wrote:
> I'm trying to get a Keyspan USA-49WG to work under FC7. It
> appears the keyspan module does have the updates for this device.
> As a newbie to 2.6, I assume the issue is probably that udev is not
> configured to load the module and set up the device files properly.
> Anyone using one of these?
I do not think it is a udev problem. It is not udev's responsibility
to load the modules. The kernel passes the information about the
device to udev after the module is loaded.

From the Keyspan web site, the module should already included, and
should load as soon as you plug it in. You can check
/var/log/messages to be sure it is loading properly, and to see the
device names being created for it. I am not sure if it will use the
default USB serial devices of ttyUSBx or something else. But the
logs should tell you.


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