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Re: Random thoughts. (Was Stuff)

Karl Larsen wrote:
>    Remember when you would print what was in a file in a terminal window
> with lpr? It used to work fine but has not been good of late. But that
> is how I recall the other little useful things. LPQ is used to see what
> jobs are doing with the printer. And then LPRM can be used if you have
> something that is waiting to be printed that you don't want to print.
>     LPQ and LPRM both work fine in F7
It is really too bad that there is not any software for Linux to
work with the version of the ETI 2 e-book reader that eBookwise
sells. There is software for an almost identical device that was
sold by RCA - the REB1100. The Rebcom software will talk to the
REB1100 about like pilot link will talk to Palm devices.


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