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Re: Returning to the OOwrite malfuntion question.

>> If setting the page format as landscape is all that's required, and you
>> don't also have to change the printer settings, then nothing is broken.
>> That's how you should make landscape documents.

Aaron Konstam: 
> I don't agree. Going to: File->Printer setup and click Landscape should
> also work.

Printer settings should only affect how the printer works.  The layout
of a document is a document parameter ("page" formatting).

You're not putting the paper through the printer sideways, are you?  You
want the program to orient the document to certain dimensions.  If
you're just going to turn the paper around in the printer, as such a
printer configuration setting suggests, you can expect a program to
print it's portrait-oriented document sideways, for it to remain a
portrait oriented document.  Or to simply squeeze the document into the
way you've twisted the paper around.

As someone else put it, this is pilot error.  You're doing it wrong.
And it doesn't matter whether you're copying the wrong behaviour of some
other program, either.  A document's page usage is a property of the
page format, and that's where you should do your landscape/portrait
configuration.  There's more to it than just which way the paper is
turned around, there's line widths and lengths, and where the page
breaks go, to be considered.

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 important to the thread.)

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