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Re: what happened to my drawing

Les wrote:
HI, everyone,
	I had a drawing I created in OO draw, and wanted to edit it.  I opened
it, made the changes, then saved it.  I was talking to my wife during
this process, and a message window came up saying that some bits might
not be saved in the PNG format.  I clicked OK, and closed the
application after the save. Later I came back to work on it, and the drawing had a size of 0.

You really have to pay attention when managing files with OOo, because it's very easy to shoot yourself in the foot. I've done it several times.

However, there is no way, as far as I know, to get that message when creating a PNG file. Are you sure that's what happened?

Draw should have saved (or prompted you to save) your work as an ODF file (e.g. "drawing.odg"). Have you checked for that? It also has a nasty habit of saving files in unexpected places. So, it's probably worth a complete search of your home directory.

Something like

$ locate *.odg


$ find ~ -name '*.odg'

should do it.

... Where would I invoke OO draw directly?

The Fedora 7 OOo packages don't create a desktop icon or menu item for Draw. You can start any OOo app from any other OOo app, so you can always use the menu or panel to start OOo Writer, then do File > New > Drawing, to open Draw.

If you want to create a menu or launcher for Draw, you can use the command "which oodraw" to locate the startup file, which for f7 should be /usr/bin/oodraw.


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