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Re: Wise disk parting.

Mark Haney wrote:
Lamar Owen wrote:
On Wednesday 07 November 2007, Strong wrote:
I want to get the list's advice on disk partitioning.
I have typically partitioned with four partitions:
200MB or so /boot
swap equal to RAM size on late 2.6 kernels
8-10GB /
remainder /home

I've kept essentially the same /home since RHL 6.2 days.

FWIW, my swap file is only half the size of the RAM I have.  Even with
compiling things like KDE I've never come close to hit the swap limit.
Is the 'same size as RAM' option still really valid for desktop/laptop
users if they aren't just pushing the devil out of the system?

In days gone by the rule of thumb for *nix was swap should be 1/2 the size of RAM. Hadn't heard about that rule changing, but then I'm not on the bleeding edge these days.... though on my servers with 16GB of RAM it felt like a bit much setting swap to 8GB (but I did it anyway 8^)
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