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Re: fsck -c usage question

Mark C. Allman wrote:
I'm not sure what you mean by "rescue session."  Do you mean booting
from a rescue disk?  Hadn't tried that.
Yes. Booting the dvd and typing: linux rescue should load the rescue environment {or using the rescue iso}.

BTW, that brings up something else strange.  I booted from the rescue
disk so I could delete the /forcefsck and /fsckoptions files.  What the
rescue disk asked for was where the Fedora 7 CD images were (hard disk,
HTTP, FTP, CD-ROM, etc.) for repair.
That seems that either
1. what it found on your rescue cd was corrupt - ie not readable
2. you might have been using the boot.iso - which has the booting part, but doesn't have the stage2 img {50+ MB} in it.

In either case, testing the cd would be useful. You could:
dd if=/dev/scd0 of=fedora-rescue.iso
sha1sum fedora-rescue.iso
compare to the published SHA1SUMs for that rescue CD.


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