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Re: Fedora 8

Karl Larsen wrote:
Well I installed F8 and the trouble started. It booted fine but as usual the Nvidia was all bad. I had to write the proper things in /etc/X11/file that got the pointer working.

Wasn't there a workaround where turning off rhgb would make the pointer appear properly?

But then the worst possible grub bug showed up! I tried to boot to F7 but it was impossible :-(

After a few tests I discovered that the F7 boot partition was (hd0,5) and the F8 boot partition was (hd0,5). I tried to get F7 booted but no luck. I finally unplugged the god dam SATA hard drive, re-did the grub thing from the rescue CD and here I am back on F7 :-)

The Grub problem is because both boot partitions are partition 6. I will fix this tomorrow.

Do you mean grub.conf was messed up (and pointed both installs to (hd0,5))?
That should be pretty easy to fix.

If you mean your F7 partition was killed during install, it's either a major fuckup in F8 installer (not likely), or you chose to overwrite it during install...

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