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Re: Red Hat - Sun Now Java buddies

Stijn Hoop wrote:
On Wed, 7 Nov 2007 13:23:56 -0500
"Kelly Miller" <lightsolphoenix gmail com> wrote:

* inserting Microsoft IP into the community and getting them to
like it
* crushing Java
* crushing Flash
* crushing standard Python
And Ruby, as well as attempting to hand Microsoft the keys to the
Gnome project...

Geez, cut down on the FUD people. It's another programming language,
not a monstrous black hole sucking down all your favorite open source

If you don't like mono, don't use it. It's there because there was a
demand for it, whether *you* like it or not. It's not harming you or
Fedora in any way.


As Sam pointed out in his reply, I agree.

All mono apps removed. Though sometimes an update to GNOME could pull in all the mono crap. It happened briefly during F8 test. One applet can spoil the whole Fedora experience.

Connection reset by some moron with a backhoe

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