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Re: Fedora 8

Karl Larsen wrote:
After a few tests I discovered that the F7 boot partition was (hd0,5) and the F8 boot partition was (hd0,5). I tried to get F7 booted but no luck. I finally unplugged the god dam SATA hard drive, re-did the grub thing from the rescue CD and here I am back on F7 :-)

The Grub problem is because both boot partitions are partition 6. I will fix this tomorrow.

Do you mean grub.conf was messed up (and pointed both installs to (hd0,5))?
No! F7 is on an ide hard drive. F8 is on a SATA hard drive. But alas, the boot partitions are both (hd?,5) and with my odd BIOS F7 was never selected. I will have to move boot to another partition on either hard drive. Then see if it works.

Oh, okay - that's not so bad then :)
Grub is supposed to see one of the drives as (hd0) and another one as (hd1). These correspond to physical drives. If you have more than 2 physical drives, it might be (hd2), etc... If you used the BIOS to switch between drives (selecting primary boot drive), then grub will probably change the names around, be careful!

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