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Re: Excessive bounces on this list

Simon Slater wrote:
On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 15:34 +0930, Tim wrote:
About your only recourse for the second reason (it's the ISP), is to
change where you receive your mail.  Sign up for another mail account,
somewhere, and use that for receiving list mail.  Otherwise, you'd
to try and convince your ISP to lift their game (good luck with that).

	Another half an hour on their queue!  Anyone recommend a good ISP in
Australia?  We are currently thinking about going ADSL since it is now
available where we are.  A plan including 10 email adresses and enough
download for Fedora ISOs would be great.  I would like to get into
testing new releases.


I'm with Westnet, have been for years, but they seriously stuffed provisioning my ADSL and undid all the "political capital" (to quote George Dubya) from over the years. But for concerns over disconnexion/transfer ("churning" doesn't apply to ADSl2) I was ready to repudiate my contract.

Internode has a good reputation, and importantly, is an official mirror for some of the software you so like to download.

_I_ run my own mail service.



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