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Re: long wait...

On Fri, 09 Nov 2007 12:36:55 -0800 (PST)
alan <alan clueserver org> wrote:

> According to a friend who has run tests, it will run about twice as fast 
> in 64-bit mode.

Cool.  It occurred to me earlier today that if I'm going to have to set this
machine up from scratch again I might was well try it with the 64-bit setup and
see what I get.  It could indeed be worth the effort.

> I do not have F8 on my laptop yet.  With F7 I have issues with suspend. 
> Flash is a bit of an issue.  (Adobe still does not have a 64-bit Flash 
> plug-in, but there are open source solutions that work on about 85% of 
> sites.) Some other minor issues, all web plug in related.  Other than 
> that, it works great.

I was just doing some reading about that and it appears that if you run 32-bit
Firefox then none of those issues arise.  I wonder if there is any benefit to
running 64-bit Firefox anyway -- download speed seems to be more of a limiting
factor than rendering speed for web browsing.

My only other real concern is Adobe acroread, because I use that to create
plates for offset presses and unfortunately none of the open-source PDF viewer
programs seem to be up to the job (so far).  I was just reading a write-up on
Adobe's website that talks about this issue and it seems that acoread can also
be made to run even though it's a 32-bit application.

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