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Fedora 8 install gets stuck

I am installing Fedora 8 on a Toshiba Tecra laptop and the installation process gets stuck shortly after the DVD media test. Fedora 7 installed on the same laptop without any difficulties. The media check passes, but the message "IRQ #18 Disabled" appears. Both the graphical and text-mode install have the same issue.

After the media test screen, the installation halts on a blue screen with the title "Welcome to Fedora for i386" which is empty except for some navigation commands on the bottom line of the screen.

By switching to console 3 (ctrl-alt-F3) I can read the INFO messages and the last INFO message displayed is as follows:

<time-stamp> INFO   : modules to insert pcmcia_core H*H****************  pcmcia

(note the '*' characters above actually appear as solid "blocks")

I can switch to console 2 (ctrl-alt-F2) and type shell commands so the computer is not hung, but the installer seems "stuck". When I list the installed modules using "lsmod", the pcmcia modules are not installed. Other driver modules (such as SCSI drivers) appear to have loaded successfully.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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