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f8 install fails on Dell Inspiron 530

The workaround for a problem I had installing f7 on a
Dell Inspiron 530 desktop no longer works with f8.  Sadly,
it worked with f8t3, so I think something was broken in the
mean time.

The "irqpoll" addition to the boot options no longer seems
to help.  My install pauses for several minutes saying
"Loading ata_piix driver...".  Then when it times out and
brings me to the next menus, every key I press on the keyboard
happens twice and I can't make the selections I want.  Even
if I could, I suspect the delay loading the ata_piix driver
will prevent me from installing like it did in f7 anyway.

This system is happily running f8t3 updated as of last
week.  It even says f8 werewolf.  But I can't install f8.
The pathetic thing is that this system was shipped
with Ubuntu and can't install Fedora.

My original post to this list with my f7 experience is here:

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